Fight2Breathe | Caleigh's Fight

Born and raised along the salty beaches of the California coast, Caleigh was diagnosed at birth with Cystic Fibrosis; a genetic lung disease. Growing up, Caleigh stayed healthy through sports and social activities; later she moved to San Francisco to attend Culinary school. Despite her best efforts to balance health and happiness she found herself with end-stage lung disease, frequently hospitalized and requiring a double lung transplant for survival. Caleigh waited on the United Network of Organ Sharing’s transplant list for 19 months. She received new lungs on October 20th, 2015 and continued on to live a successful life achieving new goals everyday. In January of 2017 she was diagnosed with acute organ rejection and her health quickly declined. By May she was in full, chronic rejection leading to a search for a transplant center who will give her a second life-saving double lung transplant. UCLA accepted her case and admitted her into the hospital in February 2018. Four months later, on June 7, 2018 Caleigh received the call that lungs were available and on June 8th, she woke up breathing fresh air out of fully capable new lungs. Throughout this all, Caleigh loves everyday of her life and lives each second of it to its fullest potential. She has her hard days, but mostly strives to live positively, doing all the things she loves to do - including chronicling her journey on her blog Fight2Breathe, here and through social media platforms, and beginning her own legacy through her foundation. She says, “Experiencing the struggles of end-stage lung disease and fighting to breathe every day gave me a new perspective on what is most meaningful in life.” Through Fight2Breathe, she aspires to increase awareness on chronic illness, genetic disease, and organ transplantation, identify and support innovative research, and amplify and focus the community to support those in the fight.